11 of the Best Pet-Friendly Couches You (and Your Furry Friend) Will Love

Not sure what makes a couch pet-friendly? We’ve rounded up 11 pet-friendly sofas that maximize durability, style, and comfort, so you and your pets can live your best lives—messes, pet hair, paw prints, and all.

What Is Pet-Friendly Furniture?

Choosing the right sofa is hard for anyone, even if dogs and cats aren’t in the mix. When you add pets into the equation, there’s a whole other layer of things to consider. So how do you know a couch will work for everyone in the family? When it comes to finding pet-friendly furniture brands, there are a couple key considerations.

First, find the right frame. Sofas come in a range of frames, both in terms of size and style, but also structure and material. You’ll want to choose one that’s well-made, ideally of kiln-dried hardwoods that won’t warp or twist, especially if you’ve got larger pets (or kids) who like to jump on and off the furniture.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the fabric. Selecting a pet-friendly sofa fabric is crucial to purchasing a couch that will last and look great for years to come.

How To Choose the Right Fabric

So what should you look for in a pet-friendly sofa fabric? You’ll want to make sure it checks the following boxes:

Durability: Pets, like kids, can be tough on furniture, so you’ll need to make sure your sofa’s upholstery can withstand it all. One key metric to look for: double rubs.

A double rub is a back and forth motion over the surface of a fabric. In factory tests, these are counted to see when the fabric starts to show wear and tear. So, the higher the double rub count, the more durable the fabric. While upholstery-grade fabrics typically start at 15,000 double rubs, for pet owners should aim for a minimum of 45,000 double rubs for pet-friendly fabric that will stand the test of time.

Stain resistance: Muddy paws, accidents, and treats can all leave stains on sofa upholstery, but many of today’s fabrics are engineered to prevent stains. Check the website or ask a sales associate to help you select a stain-resistant fabric that’s pet and kid-friendly for your couch. It doesn’t hurt to ask about warranties as well—many stores offer protection plans that cover stains, tears, and other damage.

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Color: There are two schools of thought here. Darker colors tend to hide dirt and stains better, so that’s always a good option. On the other hand, if you’ve got a cat with long white fur, you might be better off selecting a light upholstery to camouflage the hair between vacuumings.

Type of fabric: While technology has certainly expanded the range of pet-friendly fabrics, there are some types that are inherently better for homes with pets. Microfiber has seen a boom in the last decade or so. But is microfiber pet-friendly? Most of the time—yes! Its short pile and tight weave make it a breeze for removing pet hair, and the smooth texture won’t catch on your cat’s claws.

Leather can be another great option, both as a fur-free place for humans to sit and also because it continues to patina and improve with age, even with daily wear and tear from pets.

Pet-Friendly Furniture Tips

To find the right pet-friendly furniture for your family, get clear on how you and your pets use the furniture—and what issues you’re trying to prevent.

If your cat loves to scratch, you may want to avoid textured fabrics and opt for a smooth microfiber instead. Constantly having to rearrange cushions after your pup lies on the sofa back? Choose a tight-backed frame for fluff-free comfort.

If you have a pup or kitty that sheds, you’ll want to avoid fabrics with a loose weave, which can trap fur between the fibers. Instead, go for a low-pile fabric or leather to make cleanup a breeze. Just use a lint roller or the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to get pet hair off the sofa.

Finally, slipcovered sofas are a great pet-friendly sofa choice because you can toss the cover in the wash and know it’s really clean. Just double check the label to make sure you use the right detergent and washing machine settings before you start the load.

Determined to keep your sofa pet-free altogether? There are a few tips to help train pets to stay off furniture, including:

  • Buying a pet bed they’ll like even better—and rewarding them with treats when they choose it over the sofa
  • Giving your pet their own seat—like an older armchair they can call all their own
  • Deter them from the start—most pets don’t like the smell of citrus, so a room spray can encourage them to steer clear of the sofa. (Just don’t spray directly on the sofa to prevent accidental staining.) You can also place something uncomfortable (aluminum foil or plastic placemats) on the cushions to deter your pet when you’re away.

Ready to find the best pet-friendly couch for your family? Check out our list of 11 pet-friendly sofas and sectionals below.

Pet-Friendly Couches and Sofas