5 Budget-Friendly Cat Trees That Fit Seamlessly In Your Home

Cat trees are traditionally not the most visually-appealing pieces of home decor, and they can be surprisingly expensive. However, cats need the opportunity to play and engage their bodies and minds in stimulating activity (a bored cat can mean trouble for your furniture). Lucky for us, cat trees have come a long way in the past few years, and it’s now much easier to find a cat tree that isn’t an eyesore in your home.

While shopping for a new cat tree, keep in mind what your cat likes. Does she like to scratch at your couch? Find her a good scratching post. Does she play with the tassels on your curtains? Find a condo that has a hanging toy for her to bat. Does she like to jump on your counters? Find a tall cat tree or even a hanging shelf for her to jump on.

We did the digging for you and rounded up five stylish cat trees that will fit in your home decor and budget (your cat will love them, too).