Actress Dianne Scott’s Sweet Pit Bulls Changed Her Perception of the Breed—and Now She’s an Advocate for Pits

Like many people, actress Dianne Scott spent most of her life believing that pit bulls were dangerous, thanks to inaccurate and overblown media representation. So when, in 2012, her husband suggested that they adopt a pit bull mix from a shelter, she had her doubts.

“My gut reaction was, don’t we want to get a safe dog?” the actress recalls.

Despite her hesitation, the duo decided to take a chance on a year-old white pit bull mix named Hurley, and before Scott knew it, she’d fallen in love with the pup.

Affectionate and silly, Hurley changed her “perspective that pit bulls are bad,” she says, so much so that she and her husband brought another pitbull into their home a year later. Wednesday, an 8-week-old runt of a litter, had a gorgeous black coat and a playful, loving demeanor that complemented Hurley’s personality perfectly.

The dogs bonded so well that Scott started an Instagram page, A Tale of 2 Pitties, to document their friendship and amusing antics. “The two of them were my entire world,” she says, adding that she has “no clue how I lived my life before I started rescuing them.”

Tragically, Hurley was diagnosed with lymphoma and passed away at the age of four. As Scott and her husband realized their beloved pup’s time on Earth was coming to an end, they worried about what to do with Wednesday, who’d only ever known life with another dog. So, after Hurley’s death, they decided to adopt once more. A friend stumbled across a photo of an 8-month-old white pitbull rescue, and the dog, Pugsley, “flopped” into their lives not long after.

Immediately, the grieving Wednesday took to her new companion. “I hadn’t seen her smile or have any kind of joy since Hurley passed away,” Scott recalled. Although the dogs are polar opposites personality-wise—Wednesday is like “a little old lady” with a sassy attitude while Pugsley is “this goofball of a nerd” who loves cuddling and barking at strangers in equal measure, per their mom—they became instant best friends.

The dogs’ “amazing relationship,” says Scott, is due in part to how much comfort Pugsley gave his sister—and the whole family—after Hurley’s death. “Pugsley was meant to be here,” Scott explains. “He walked into our house that first day and I feel like he already knew that was his mission.”

Pugsley has also brought plenty of humor into the household. Along with his sibling, the now-6-year-old pitbull regularly appears on Scott’s Instagram and TikTok, gamely dressing up in outfits and even starring in a hilarious “Neighborhood Watch” series where he and Scott express their irritation at pedestrians outside the window. But it’s the videos of the dogs together, whether they’re sprinting around a yard or snuggling close in bed, that are the real crowd-pleasers.

“The two of them are just incredibly different,” says Scott, “and I don’t think they could live without each other.”

Today, A Tale of 2 Pitties has 107K Instagram followers, all of whom clearly can’t resist the sweetness of Wednesday and Pugsley’s tight-knit bond. Through her platform, Scott wants to send the message that all rescue animals deserve a chance, especially pit bulls.

“Pit bulls still have this horrible, bad reputation of being these dangerous dogs, and Wednesday and Pugsley have really helped me in my mission of showing the world that that is simply not true,” she explains.

And perhaps soon, Scott and her husband will have even more pups to assist in sharing that message. “I’m never going to stop adopting,” she says. “”Each dog will be a different experience and will change me in a different way and lead me somewhere new.”