Celebrate National Black Dog Day With These 18 Adorable Dogs

October 1 is National Black Dog Day, and this day was founded in 2012 to bring awareness to the stigma black dogs face. Shelters actually have a term for this stigma: Black Dog Syndrome, which is when people view black dogs as less attractive and therefore less adoptable than lighter-colored dogs. In fact, Petfinder found in a survey that black dogs tend to spend almost four times as long waiting to get adopted than the average dog.

But true dog lovers know that black dogs are just as lovable, beautiful, and friendly as any other dog. We went on a very scientific search to prove just how cute black dogs are, and we found 18 of the most boopable, fluffy, and happy black dogs on the Internet. How could anyone not love these adorable faces?

From spunky Labrador retrievers to wrinkly-faced pugs, here are some of the cutest pictures of black dogs on Instagram to celebrate National Black Dog Day.

Ralph the Cockapoo

The paws! The eyes! The nose! The ears! We can’t find one thing we don’t love about this puppy. Ralph is a two-month-old cockapoo from England, and his favorite activity is napping.

Layla the Lab Mix

“Hey Mom! Mom! Do I have anything in my nose?” That’s what we imagine Layla the black Lab mix is saying in this photo. We also have to point out that Layla is positively winning the fashion game with her stylish sunflower bandana.

Miso the Greyhound

Give this greyhound all the treats! Just one look in those big black eyes and I would give @misothegreyhound anything in the world. Peanut butter? Cheese? A smooch? You got it, Miso.

Victor the Whippet

Excuse me … where can I find @victorlewhippet’s stylish sweater for humans?! Sophistication just runs in this Whippet’s blood: He’s named after Victor Hugo, the French writer from the Romantic movement. Even though this Victor might not be as famous, his pointy ears are straight-up legendary.

Tazer Lee Jones the Rescue Mutt

3, 2, 1 … jump! We can’t get over how fantastic those goggles look on Tazer Lee Jones. Tazer’s a serious water dog and spends most of his time exploring the lakes and rivers of Oregon.

Alfie the Cavapoo

We think it’s near impossible to not smile when you see the joyful, sunshine-filled face @alfietheadorable. This Cavapoo from London is proof that black dogs are just as special as any other furry friend out there.

Dot the Labrador

Dot the Labrador is out here looking like a model! Dot doesn’t let the beauty go to her head though; she’s friendly, approachable, and ready for a snuggle at all times. You can find all of her adventures with her best friend Boop @dot_and_boop.

Jaxson the Newfoundland Mix

One of the main causes of Black Dog Syndrome is that people believe black dogs don’t photograph as well, but Jaxon the Newfoundland mix is here to show that simply isn’t true. Jaxon’s luscious, wavy coat is positively shining in every picture on @ourpawsomepups, and we can’t get enough!

Kasper the German Shepherd

Did you guys hear something? Oh, it’s just the sound of us saying “Awww!” at @thekasper_gsd’s big puppy eyes and boop-able snout. Seriously, whatever he’s asking for with those puppy eyes, he can have it.

Suzie the Cocker Spaniel Puppy

If Daily Paws had a cutest puppy award to hand out, Suzie the cocker spaniel would win it in a landslide. Suzie is under a year old, and her humans have been documenting some of her biggest milestones on her Instagram account…Even chewing their shoes.

Lucky the Rescue Mutt

No one is happier that spooky season is finally here than @luckytherescuedog.jpg. Pro tip for any black dog owners: autumn is the best time to get gorgeous photos of your doggo; their gorgeous fur will absolutely pop with the colorful leaves as a background.

Brothers Boe and Tai

Two adorable black dogs in one picture! Be still our beating hearts! Boe is a Lab and Australian cattle dog mix, and Tai is a black pug, and on @boe.tai.adventures, you can find the two best friends climbing mountains, playing in the snow in the winter, and swimming in the summer.

Millie Jane the Golden Mountain Dog

Oh, you’ve almost got it, just stretch your tongue a littttttle further! We’re sure that two seconds after this photo was taken, @adventureswithmilliejane finally snagged that treat. And she deserves it: this Bernese mountain dog and golden retriever mix might just have the most boopable face we’ve ever seen.

Storm the Coton de Tulear

Everyone knows orange and black go perfectly together, so it’s no surprise Storm the Coton de Tueler feels right at home in this pumpkin patch. We’re thinking October might be this puppy’s best month yet.

Nugget the Frenchie

This is totally the face of “Seriously, do I need to get up?” If it were up to us, we’d let Nugget nap by our side all day long. How could we say no to those adorable French bulldog eyes?

Akira the Pit Bull

Someone call a modeling agency; Have you ever seen a pup so stunning? And it’s not all looks: Akira is a service dog breaking all the stereotypes surrounding both black dogs and pit bulls.

Fury and Widow the Dachshunds

We’ve all had a friend post a bad picture of us, right? It’s hard enough to get one dog to pose for a photo, so we can’t blame one half of @fury.and.widow, a black miniature dachshund pair having their eyes shut. It happens!

Bertie the Miniature Schnauzer

Nothing makes a black coat pop more than being surrounded by gorgeous flowers. Bertie, a miniature schnauzer, clearly knows how to work the camera—just look at that smile!