Chewy’s Early Black Friday Sale Has Begun—Here Are Over 50 of the Best Pet Deals You Don’t Want To Miss

Whether your pet knows it or not, the holidays are here! And Chewy has begun to reveal its best deals on pet food, essential supplies, and tech ahead of Black Friday. With speedy three-day shipping that rivals Amazon, even last-minute shoppers can dazzle their pets with the best gifts—but we don’t recommend waiting to pounce on these great deals.

If you’re planning on traveling with your pet for the holidays, grab the Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline-Approved Dog & Cat Carrier Bag before you go. It has hundreds of five-star reviews and is almost $100 off right now.

Hoping to scoop up the discounts and not dirty cat litter? Then don’t miss Chewy’s deals on the most popular automatic litter boxes, including Litter-Robot by Whisker ($25 Chewy e-gift card with purchase) and Leo’s Loo Covered Automatic Litter Box, which is $100 off its original price.

Chewy’s holiday sale also means deep discounts on toys like indestructible chew toys for your pup and food puzzles for all your pets. Personally, I couldn’t help but add the TRIXIE Mad Scientist Strategy Game to my cart, which is now 29 percent off.

After all the excitement of ripping open toys and pouncing in and out of boxes, all the good boys and good girls are sure to want a cozy place to nap. And you guessed it—Chewy has deals for that, too.

K & H products for dogs and cats are up to a whopping 54 percent off. From window perches, elevated beds, heated beds, and even heated outdoor cat houses, there really is something for everyone—including my chickens who might find this K & H heated chicken pad in their coop come Christmas morning.

If the holiday commotion brings a little more nerves than joy, a calming pet bed (now up to 44 percent off) paired with Rescue Remedy, which is now 12 percent off, are the sales for you.

Can’t choose just one (or three) great deals? With Chewy’s Mix & Match sale on top of these great discounts, you don’t have to.

Best Early Black Friday Cat Deals

  • Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Covered Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, $400 (was $500)
  • Litter-Robot 3 WiFi-Enabled Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box, $25 e-gift card with purchase
  • Inaba Churu Chicken Puree Lickable Cat Treat, $31 (was $50)
  • K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Double Stack Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch, $36 (was $75)
  • K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch, $41 (was $87)
  • K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House Cat Shelter, $70 (was $151)
  • Petstages Buggin’ Out Puzzle Toy, $16 (was $22)
  • Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree Cat Feeder, $21 (was $29)
  • Doc & Phoebe’s Cat Co. Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder Kit, $18 (was $25)
  • TRIXIE Mad Scientist Turn Around Activity Strategy Game Cat Toy, $17 (was $24)
  • Feliway Optimum Enhanced Calming 30 Day Diffuser for Cats, $30 (was $35)
  • SmartCat The Ultimate 32-in Sisal Cat Scratching Post, $40 (was $80)
  • TRIXIE Parla 24.4-in Fleece Cat Scratching Post, $11 (was $24)

Best Early Black Friday Dog Deals

  • Embark Breed Identification & Health Condition Identification DNA Test for Dogs, $140 (was $200)
  • Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Dog Toy, $40 (was $50)
  • Chuckit! Indoor Ball Dog Toy, $5 (was $19)
  • Petstages Dogwood Tough Dog Chew Toy, $6 (was $22)
  • Nylabone Puppy Chew Freezer Lamb & Apple Flavored Puppy Chew Toy, $9 (was $13)
  • Wholesome Pride Pet Treats Sweet Potato Fries Dehydrated Dog Treats, $11 (was $18)
  • Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Brick Puzzle Game Dog Toy, $14 (was $27)
  • Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Mazee Puzzle Dog Toy, $14 (was $18)
  • ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy, $12 (was $16)
  • TRIXIE Mad Scientist Turn Around Activity Strategy Game Dog Toy, $16 (was $24)
  • KONG Plush Teddy Bear Dog Toy, $8 (was $11)
  • Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots, $38 (was $49)

Best Early Black Friday Pet Bed Deals

  • K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Bolster Cat & Dog Bed, $24 (was $56)
  • The Original Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler Cat & Dog Bed, $25 (was $60)
  • K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed, $32 (was $51)
  • Frisco Faux Fur Velvet Round Bolster Cat & Dog Bed, $24 (was $34)
  • FurHaven Plush & Suede Full Support Orthopedic Sofa Dog & Cat Bed, $54 (was $90)

Best Early Black Friday Pet Grooming Deals

  • Wahl Deluxe U-Clip Dog & Cat Clipper Kit, $39 (was $61)
  • Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog & Cat Slicker Brush, $23 (was $32)
  • HandsOn All-In-One Pet Bathing & Grooming Gloves, $25 (was $30)
  • TropiClean Lime & Cocoa Butter Deshedding Dog Conditioner (2.5-gallon bottle), $104 (was $151)

Best Early Black Friday Automatic Pet Feeder Deals

  • PetSafe Smart Feed 2.0 Wifi-Enabled Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder, $130 (was $210)
  • Cat Mate C500 Digital 5 Meal Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder, $60 (was $107)
  • Arf Pets Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder, $70 (was $100)
  • Cat Mate 2-Bowl Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder, $44 (was $65)

Best Early Black Friday Pet Water Fountain Deals

  • Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Cat & Dog Water Fountain, $75 (was $95)
  • Catit Flower Plastic Cat Fountain, $28 (was $33)
  • INSTACHEW Puresmart Water Fountain, $45 (was $62)
  • Pioneer Pet Swan Cat Drinking Fountain, $36 (was $45)

Best Early Black Friday Pet Supply Deals

  • Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Gate with Door, $100 (was $150)
  • Rescue Remedy Stress Relief Pet Supplement, $17 (was $19)
  • Frisco Foldable Nonslip Cat & Dog Stairs, $28 (was $35)
  • Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline-Approved Dog & Cat Carrier Bag, $37 (was $134)
  • Snoozer Pet Products Roll Around 4-in-1 Travel Dog & Cat Carrier Backpack, $125 (was $177)

Best Early Black Friday Pet Tech Deals

  • Eufy Treat-Dispensing Camera, $120 with coupon (was $200)
  • High Tech Pet Products Automatic Pet Door, $400 (was $480)
  • Link My Pet Dog GPS & Activity Tracker, $115 (was $150)
  • Petcube Cam HD Monitoring With Vet Chat Pet Camera, $39 (was $49)
  • Pawscout Bluetooth Enabled Dog & Cat Tag, $15 (was $22)
  • Jiobit GPS Dog & Cat Location Monitor, Gen 2, $130 (was $150)

Best Early Black Friday Vacuum, Mop, and Air Purifier Deals

  • iRobot Braava jet m6 Wi-Fi Connected Robot Mop, $300 (was $450)
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum, $30 (was $39)
  • Germ Guardian HEPA Filter Air Purifier, $150 (was $170)