Dog Owner Celebrates Her Pup Every Year with a Treat-Filled Day That’s All About Him

A few years ago, Jeffrey was dealing with a recent breakup, a stressful work situation, and a broken computer when she decided to cheer herself up with a trip to the pet store. Although she only planned to window shop (sound familiar?), she found herself falling in love with a pint-sized black puppy.

“I knew from that moment that he was going to be my best friend,” Jeffrey recalls. She adopted the dog and named him Nino, after a character from the ’90s movie New Jack City. Ever since, the two have been inseparable, with Jeffrey even spoiling her furry friend each year with a “Nino Day” full of new toys, trips to the dog park, and, of course, delicious dog-friendly treats.

“Nino helped me through a really hard time in my life, and so now I like to do special things for him,” explains Jeffrey of the heartwarming tradition, which she adds is meant to “celebrate him and show him a good time.”

This Nino Day, Jeffrey whipped up a frozen yogurt sundae for her pup, using a simple recipe from Daily Paws—and we caught it all on camera so you can recreate the same treat for your pup (or add your own spin to it, depending on your pup’s favorite flavors).

In the video, Nino patiently watches as Jeffrey blends blueberries and banana with plain nonfat yogurt, all-natural peanut butter, and ground flaxseed meal, before pouring the smooth concoction into a silicone tray so it freezes into scoop-like shapes. Next, she pops the tray in the freezer for a few hours and makes the whipped cream topping. After mixing it and pouring it into a chilled bowl (which helps the cream form faster), she dices up freeze dried fruits to make “sprinkles”—(“Nino loves his antioxidants,” Jeffrey jokes). Finally, she puts all the delicious ingredients together to make the sundae!

The end results? Totally delicious, judging by Nino’s face-first dive into the bowl. “Oh my goodness, he loved this,” Jeffrey says as she watches her happy pup enjoy his treat. When Jeffrey tries to steal a bite from Nino, he refuses, instead going back for seconds. With a dessert that good, who can blame him? “I’ll wait for Jeffrey Day,” his owner says, grinning.