These 16 Custom Dog Bowls Will Make All Your Monogrammed Dreams Come True

If you’ve been known to call your dog your child, pamper them with all the best toys and treats, and can’t leave the house without kissing them goodbye, a custom dog bowl is a must-have for your dog’s feeding routine. For the dog who already has a customized collar or dog bed, a custom food and water bowl should be next on their list. Doggy dishware has come so far beyond the standard plastic or stainless steel bowls. Nowadays, you can order custom dog bowls with everything from your pet’s name all the way to a personalized, hand-painted portrait of your best friend. Hot dog!

The best part about a custom dog bowl is just how truly personalized it can be. There are tons of options to make the dish perfectly your pup’s: from size to material, font to colors. With so many options, it’s tough to choose—which is why we’ve rounded up the best custom dog bowls for you. So whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a big dog like a German shepherd, keep scrolling to find the paw-fect bowl for your four-legged pal.