5 Genius Dog-Proof Cat Feeders To Keep Fido Away

Is Fido notorious for helping himself to Fluffy’s food? Even after he’s just devoured a bowl of his own food? If so, you’re not alone!

Some dogs might prefer the taste of cat food, and others might just love the fact that there’s food in a bowl they can eat any time. Although there may be several explanations as to why, one thing’s for sure: while your dog is taking “treat yo’ self” to a whole new level, your cat is missing out on her nutritious meals.

Chances are, you’ve tried placing your cat’s food bowl in a spot you can’t imagine your dog would get into. Or maybe you’ve tried hiding your cat’s bags of food. Or have even tried using a dog gate to keep your dog from being able to get to it. Yet there it is … the cat food bowl somehow empty once again, courtesy of Fido.

Enter a helpful solution that can help you keep your dog from eating all the cat’s food: a dog-proof cat feeder. These feeding stations range from bowls built into a kitty shelf away from curious dog nibbles to a special bowl that only your kitty can unlock through a microchipped collar. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite dog-proof cat feeders to fit any pet parent’s lifestyle and budget.

5 Dog-Proof Cat Feeders To Keep Kitty Fed and Happy