Viral Tweet Skyrockets Dog Walker and His Doggo Clients to Internet Fame

One Boston dog walker left his home earlier this month to take his clients’ dogs out for a daily stroll and returned a viral Internet sensation.

Steven Watson, the owner of the Instagram account @thepieddogwalker, is no stranger to snapping pictures of his posse while on their walks through the streets of Boston, Mass.. Though he had accumulated a few thousand followers already by posting pictures of the pups he walks to his feed, it wasn’t until one Twitter user documented Watson amid a photo op on Longfellow Bridge that he and his cuddly crew reached true Internet stardom.

The viral tweet, which came from Twitter user @TaylorLarick and now has nearly 600,000 likes, reads, “Omg went for a walk and saw this man taking a picture of all his dogs and I almost cried.” We’re right there with you—the cuteness is almost too much to bear!

The Twitter user also shared two shots of Watson and the dogs in action: One of the dogs looking picture-ready, lined up perfectly, and grinning at the camera, and a wider shot showing Watson expertly capturing the moment while maintaining the dogs’ attention.

If you’re wondering how Watson manages to keep the dogs still enough to snap these darling pictures, you’re not alone. (After all, teaching your dog how to sit can be hard enough on its own.) The secret to his success? Tuckering the pooches out!

“Tired dogs make good dog models, so they’ll sit still,” Watson says in an interview with WCVB Channel 5 Boston. “They like to take a break on the way home and we get pictures then.” Yet another reason to make sure your dog is getting his or her daily dose of exercise!

The tweet took off overnight, sending lots of attention Watson’s way, but it wasn’t until the popular Instagram account @WeRateDogs posted the tweet showing Bear, Dutch, Fergus, Murry, Flip, and Magnus being photographed by Watson that his follower count truly skyrocketed.

“We finally arrived when we made it with ‘We Rate Dogs,’ and they got a 14/10 rating so we’re proud,” Watson says.

Watson’s Instagram account now boasts an impressive 61,000 followers. In addition to pictures of the pups he walks in a variety of beautiful locations, Watson also posted the original viral tweet to his account with the hilarious caption, “We took a wrong turn on Charles Street, and now we’re living in a meme.”

We’ll definitely be giving Watson a follow to stay up-to-date on what photo-worthy spot this precious group heads to next!