Golden Retriever Born Without a Front Paw Finds the Perfect Match: A Boy With the Same Limb Difference

Get ready for a heartwarming story about a boy and his dog that will steal your heart. Meet Marvel, a golden retriever puppy from Litchfield, Minn., who was born without a front right paw.

Barb Felt, previous owner of Marvel and the breeder of Rolling Oaks Goldens, told WCCO news, “When she was born, we knew right away she had a special purpose.” Felt was certain that sweet Marvel “belonged in the home of someone with a limb difference.”

According to WCCO, Felt was introduced to the Williams family in nearby Waconia through an occupational therapist who happened to work with 7-year-old Paxton Williams.

You see, when Paxton was just 4 years old his foot was amputated because of an infection restricting growth in his leg. After surgery, Paxton’s parents made the decision for him to wear a prosthetic leg, allowing for a more independent lifestyle.

After hearing Paxton’s story, Felt knew the boy would be the “perfect match” for Marvel. In fact, after just one week of Marvel living in her forever home, “Paxton has already taken her on a lot of walks along the trails near their home,” says Blaine Williams, Paxton’s father.

He tells WCCO, “The amount of emotions that were running through me at the time, it was just awesome because it was knowing that she was in the perfect place at the perfect time.”

Stephanie, Paxton’s mom, adds that she has already seen a change in the way he tells friends and family about his limb difference, opening up more discussions about his situation.

Paxton can be heard in the video asking his parents, “We can really keep her forever?” followed by “She loves me!”

There’s no doubt that the special bond between these two will continue to grow. For now, the hope is someday Paxton will be able to run with his prosthetic, and Marvel will be able to run alongside him, says WCCO—possibly sporting a prosthetic paw or wheelchair of her very own.