16 Black-Owned Pet Businesses We’re Ready to Spend All Our Money On Right This Second

Whether your favorite fur-baby needs a new toy to play with or some tasty new treats to keep your training routine on-track, every pet parent loves a little splurge for their BFF once in a while. Here at Daily Paws, our spending habits are no exception. We’re constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest pet supplies for our four-legged family members, and in our search for the best pet products, came across these incredible options from Black-owned businesses.

From food to accessories, these pet supply brands are perfect for spoiling your pet while celebrating diversity in the industry. The best part? You can feel good knowing your purchase supports Black small business owners and entrepreneurs while you shop! And if you see something we missed, DM us on Instagram at @DailyPaws to let us know and we’ll keep updating the list.


Scotch & Tea

The adorable designs from Scotch & Tea bring stylish and durable accessories to your dog’s closet. Based in Brooklyn, N.Y., the boutique features fun and bold collars, leashes, bandanas, and more. Love to match with your pup? Check out their stylish face mask and dog bandana pairs!

Beaux and Paws

Beaux and Paws was launched by Sir Darius Brown, a Newark, N.J., teen who started making dapper bow ties for dogs who’d been displaced by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The ties were a way to help the pups stand out and get adopted faster. Since then, this young entrepreneur has donated to countless shelters around the U.S. and in the U.K. to help shelter pets find “loving forever homes.” He won a Prudential Spirit of Community state award for his work. A portion of each sale is donated to the ASPCA, if you want to buy a bow tie for your own pet!

House Dogge

Based in Portland, Ore., former Nike designer Angela Medlin creates human and dog apparel at the chic and sophisticated House Dogge boutique. The designer offers personalized touches on eco-conscious items like hoodies, collars, and tug toys. A part of every purchase is donated to rescue nonprofits, so it’s no wonder these comfy dog clothes made it onto Oprah’s Favorite Things list!

Fresh Pawz

With a tagline that boasts this brand as “the official streetwear brand for dogs,” it’s no surprise Los Angeles’ Fresh Pawz has pretty much everything you can ask for when it comes to dog apparel: leashes, harnesses, raincoats, and even The Office-themed sweaters. Fresh Pawz partners with the NBA and MLB so you and your pup can support your team, and if you’re a sneakerhead who wants your dog to match your Yeezys—they have you covered there, too. Five percent of every Fresh Paws purchase goes to the Petfinder Foundation, which works to keep pets from being euthanized.

Brixxy & Co.

Owner Alissa [Liss] Maree crafts Brixxy & Co.’s custom reversible bandanas for the “cool pups on the block,” and we’d have to agree. Inspired by her adorable mini poodle Brixxy, the Philadelphia-based pet accessory designer fashions bandanas for dogs of all shapes and sizes, from tiny Chihuahuas to friendly golden retrievers and everything in between (including rescue pups looking for their forever homes!).


Are you a scientist or simply a fan of, you know, facts? Either way, Corelle Rokicki’s SciPaws has you covered with science-themed pet apparel, including electrocardiogram- and DNA-themed bandanas. We love the “adorably nerdy” designs but are even more excited to get our paws on the items from her incredible BLM collection and are just biding our time until her store reopens in February or March of 2021. This full-time graduate student donates some of her sales to organizations like the Dane County (Wisconsin) Humane Society, the Ocean Conservancy, and WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue.

Sir Dogwood

Based in Chicago, Sir Dogwood was founded in 2016 on the premise that dogs deserve the best of everything (we can’t disagree with that statement!). They offer trendy and chic dog clothing for pups up to 130 pounds, so there’s something for the smallest miniature pinscher to the largest of Labs. They even donate a portion of monthly sales to One Tail at a Time, a Chicago non-profit dedicated to ending pet homelessness.

Food and Treats

Ava’s Pet Palace

The treats from Ava’s Pet Palace are not only cute, but health-conscious, too! Started by 13-year-old entrepreneur Ava, all the brand’s treats are organic and come in yummy flavors like “Cheeze Pleeze Bites” and “Peanutty Paw Cookies” for both cats and dogs.

Pet Plate

You may have seen this fresh dog food delivery service on Shark Tank, but Renaldo Webb’s Pet Plate meal plan subscription service has expanded significantly since the episode first aired in 2016. The MIT graduate founded his pet food company as a way to give pet owners the convenience of food showing up at your door each month … but with the peace of mind that comes from making sure meal time is always nutritious, delicious, and exciting for your pup.

Homescape Pets

The couple behind the Homescape Pets line from Austin, Texas, makes all-natural cat and dog products, including specialized snacks like slow-dried chicken breast jerky and duck wing tips (perfect for those pets with a refined palate!). They started making their nature-based treats and supplements after losing their schnauzer, Beau, to cancer with a goal of keeping pets healthy through natural methods.



Veterinarian Joe J. Owen started Enjoy-a-Bowl with one major goal in mind—helping stop euthanasia by keeping pets healthy. These unique bowls are designed to help picky eaters or pets who don’t have much of an appetite by enticing them with the aroma of their favorite foods hidden in the secret lower compartment. This bowl is a genius (and simple) answer for those who struggle with their pet’s feeding time.

Pardo Naturals

The family-owned team behind Pardo Naturals makes all-natural dog lotions, shampoos, and other products in Georgia. Founder Rita Pardo started making products that wouldn’t irritate her daughter’s sensitive skin and has expanded their growing line of products to now include pet essentials, too.

Trill Paws

Trill Paws is an LA-based, woman-owned small business whipping up the coolest doggie accessories (like dog ID tags and hilarious bowls and water dishes) based on iconic pop culture. Founder Rachel Jones and crew are “driven to be the people our pets think we are,” and we think they’re definitely on the right track with these goodies. Your dog (or cat!) won’t have to tell you he’s hungry AF anymore—his style will do all the talking.

Training, Boarding, and Grooming Services

MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat

MaryMac’s Doggie Retreat, Louisiana’s only Black-owned doggie daycare and spa boutique—started in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, no less—now has over 700 happy customers. Owner and founder Courtney McWilliams works to provide dog owners with an alternative option for their dogs to receive the best care while having fun.

Pet Parent Allies

Curtis Kelley, CPDT-KA, in Philadelphia has been training dogs for almost eight years. In 2018, he started Pet Parent Allies to bring positive-reinforcement training to the Philly area. Kelley and his team work to make sure training is fun and rewarding for both owners and pets.

Harlem Doggie Day Spa

Dog walker-turned-Harlem Doggie Day Spa owner Brian Taylor not only offers pet grooming at his spa, but also daycare, cage-free boarding, and pet transportation, giving owners optimal flexibility whenever they need it. Taylor is a pillar in his community and told CNN he got his start as a groomer in 2010 after noticing there weren’t a lot of dog grooming facilities in his neighborhood. He even took his talents to the road in 2020, offering free grooms to those in need during the height of the pandemic.

Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training

Taylor Barconey, CPDT-KA, and Jiovany Alcaide, CPDT-KA, joined forces in 2019 to launch Smart Bitch Modern Dog Training. These two certified—and force-free—trainers in New Orleans have offered virtual classes during the pandemic, and they’ve used their Facebook page to share other tips and tricks about dog care. Need to smile? Watch their latest batch of students do the cha-cha slide while getting their dogs to stay put.