I Got My Cat a KitNipBox, and He’s Never Been More Spoiled

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a cat in possession of a pet parent must be in want of spoiling. In fact, they demand it. That’s why cat subscription boxes are a godsend—not only do they save you frequent runs to your local pet supply store, but they ensure your persnickety feline never gets bored. While you can find subscription services for everything from food to kitty litter, KitNipBox is a great introduction to the world of more feline-focused subscriptions. Every month, you’ll receive a package of toys, healthy treats, and other swag made specifically for spoiling your cat.

I’ve long been a fan of subscription boxes. I started using one years ago for my own demanding cat, Gerald, and it has truly been a game-changer, so I was eager to see if KitNipBox lived up to the hype—and to see if my cat would give it a rare paws-up. And I have to admit, the fact that KitNipBox donates a portion of its monthly profits to animal welfare groups was a huge draw … regardless of Gerald’s final verdict.

How I Tested KitNipBox

Whenever I sign up for a new subscription service, I judge it based on four main criteria: how easy it is to sign up, customization options, product quality, and how easy it is to cancel, because no one wants to have to call a 1-800 number just to pause or stop a subscription.

I signed up for KitNipBox in early April and have received one delivery so far, so I’m reviewing the product as a true first-time customer. Of course, the real reviewer here is Gerald, whose opinion tends to determine all household decisions, including whether or not we’ll keep using KitNipBox. Gerry can be a diva when it comes to treats and toys, so I let him try out all the products before writing my review. Aside from gauging his level of interest in the toys—the more he tried to wake me up at night by knocking them under my bedroom door, the better—I also considered the quality of the ingredients used to make the treats.

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Key Specs

Base price $14.99 per month
Free shipping? Yes, for U.S. customers
Delivery frequency Monthly
No. of items per shipment 3, 5, or 7
Types of products Toys, treats, accessories, hygiene products, and more

How Does KitNipBox Work?

KitNipBox is a cat subscription box that ships treats, toys, accessories, and other fun products to your door every month. Its Starter Pack subscription will supply you with three toys per month but doesn’t include any treats. The upgraded Happy Cat and Multi-Cat subscriptions will send you five and seven goodies, respectively, and include a mix of toys and treats. According to the company, its staff members are cat parents and cat lovers, so you can expect products that even the pickiest of kittens will appreciate.

The service is incredibly easy to sign up for. It’s basically a three-click process in which you enter your email address, choose your subscription, and check out. While a simple sign-up is always great, this unfortunately means that there are no options for customization. However, if you have a cat with food allergies, you can make a note of this during the checkout process, and you’ll get toy/non-food substitutions in your box. Another thing to be aware of: Shipping only occurs on the first or 15th of the month, so you may have to wait a while between placing your first order and your box getting shipped, depending on when you sign up.

If a product is defective or lacking in some way, you can contact the KitNipBox team, and they’ll work to get you a replacement item. Alternatively, you can ask for a refund if the entire box isn’t to your (or your cat’s) liking. KitNipBox’s customer service is top-notch. I reached out with a question using the contact form on the website, and I heard back within two hours—on a Sunday, no less.

KitNipBox Cost

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kitnipbox cost
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KitNipBox has three subscription options. The Starter Pack (three toys) costs $14.99, the Happy Cat Box (five toys and treats) costs $22.99, and the Multi-Cat Box (seven toys and treats) costs $32.99 and is ideal for households with two or more cats (or one particularly needy kitty). Be sure to check the website before you make your final purchase, as there may be promotional offers for new customers. While shipping is free in the U.S., Canadian customers have to pay a $6.95 shipping fee. KitNipBox’s website notes that if you live in another country, you can contact the team, and they’ll do their best to accommodate you.

I opted for the Happy Cat Box—because Gerald would have thrown a fit if he didn’t get any treats—and the final cost was $25.08 with tax. My box came with a little card that provided the cost of each individual product and claimed that the total value of the contents was $27. Given the convenience of not having to go shop for cat supplies, plus the price margin, I’d say my box was worth the cost.

Delivery and Packaging

After I placed my order, it took five days (including the weekend) for the box to ship and another six days to arrive at my door. My processing email said to allow three to eight business days for delivery, so I appreciated that the time window was honored.

kitnipbox delivery
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The items were packed in a cardboard box about the size of a laptop box. When I opened it, I found a cute thank-you card announcing the box’s theme, a list of included products, and a reminder that a portion of KitNipBox’s proceeds goes to animal welfare causes. Then I just had to unwrap a thin sheet of tissue paper held together with a cat sticker and I arrived at the products.

Both the cardboard box and tissue paper are recyclable, though Gerald has repurposed the box as a makeshift cat bed. I suspect the KitNipBox team knew exactly what they were doing when they were coming up with the packaging dimensions.

Product Quality

Now to the main event: the swag. The box had a “brunch” theme, and I found the items to be (mostly) on point. They were:

  • A bag of Kittles chicken and cranberries cat treats from Wellness
  • A fishing rod wand toy from ‘R Squad Pet Toys
  • A “Dom Purrignon” catnip champagne bottle from Leap Pet Products
  • Two feathered tea bag-shaped toys from All for Paws
  • A “designer” catnip mouse from SafeMade Pet Products

While the wand toy and catnip mouse didn’t really fit the brunch theme, Gerald was obsessed with every item in the box. I could barely get the tissue paper open before he started pawing my hand away to get his haul. He particularly loved the tea bag toys (hello, feathers) and the catnip mouse. And not that my opinion matters quite as much as his, but I thought the champagne bottle was by far the cutest and the most on-theme. The products are all of great quality, too. The toys haven’t fallen apart despite continuous play, and as for the treats, they were grain-free and made with actual chicken, cranberries, and veggies. The fact that Gerald still wants to play with (or eat) everything from this first box is the ultimate seal of approval.

I could tell that the team members responsible for choosing the products either own cats or are very familiar with their tastes, as each toy is something I would have chosen myself. I appreciated that there was some variety in the lineup of items (like having a wand toy thrown in), but I honestly could have used even more variety. The website mentions that boxes contain “cat toys, all-natural treats, and other fun, healthy cat products,” but my first delivery only contained toys and treats. Something to keep my fingers crossed for with future boxes!

Buy Now

kitnipbox products
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Pros and Cons


  • High-quality cat treats and toys
  • Options available for homes with multiple cats
  • Donates a portion of monthly profits to animal welfare groups
  • Free shipping within the U.S.
  • Quick and helpful customer service
  • Can gift a subscription to a friend


  • Can’t customize your orders
  • No free shipping outside the U.S.
  • No treat options for cats with sensitive stomachs

Who Is KitNipBox Good For?

Overall, KitNipBox is a great option for any cat owner who wants to spoil their fur baby. If you love to shower your pet with new toys but don’t want to make frequent visits to the pet store, then the monthly deliveries will serve you well.

The Multi-Cat subscription, in particular, is also really great for households with multiple cats. Cats tend to plow through toys and treats much more quickly when they can team up on them, making the monthly deliveries an extremely useful service. That said, I’d recommend the Happy Cat Box for single-cat households because only children deserve to be immensely spoiled once a month, too.

Final Thoughts

I’d previously subscribed to PrettyLitter to keep Gerald’s litter box fresh, but I was keen to try out a frankly more fun subscription box with him. I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with KitNipBox. While I initially was disappointed that there weren’t any customization options, it ended up being kind of exciting having to wait to see which products the box would contain. I also didn’t know that each shipment had its own theme, which was another fun surprise. I’m excited to see what the future themes are!

I would prefer if KitNipBox had quarterly instead of monthly deliveries. Gerald really doesn’t need a new bag of treats and four new toys every 30 days, but I’ll definitely keep subscribing for at least another few months. I was really impressed with the quality of the products, as well as the quick response I got from customer service when I sent them a question. I’d absolutely recommend the service to my cat-owning friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KitNipBox Safe for Cats?

Yes, KitNipBox is safe for cats. The monthly boxes include things like toys, hygiene products, and healthy treats from reputable suppliers. The treats are usually grain-free and use high-quality ingredients. If your cat has allergies or a sensitive tummy, you can opt out of treats during the checkout process, and KitNipBox will send you extra toys and non-food products as a replacement.

Do You Have Control Over the Subscription Box Contents?

No, you don’t get to choose the exact items that appear in each KitNipBox delivery. The team chooses different toys, accessories, treats, and other products every month, so each box will be a complete surprise. However, you can opt out of treats/food items at checkout if your cat has a sensitive stomach or any allergies.

Is It Easy to Cancel Your Subscription?

Yes, it’s very easy to cancel your KitNipBox subscription. After logging in to your account and clicking “Edit Subscription,” simply select “Cancel” in the drop-down menu and follow the prompts to end your subscription. You can choose to leave feedback so the team knows why you canceled, but this is completely optional.

What Is the Return Policy?

KitNipBox doesn’t have an established return policy, but the team is still dedicated to making sure you (and your cat) are happy with each box’s contents. If you receive any defective products, you can contact customer service, and they will work with you to replace the item. If you’re unhappy with the box in general, you can again contact customer service to get a refund.

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